Radiant Goddess: Healing the Wounds of the Feminine

Four One-on-One SOUL-LEVEL Healing Sessions

It is time for the Goddess to rise. The world needs the Divine Feminine like never before.

But did you ever think about how this could happen? How exactly can we experience more of the Divine Feminine? Could it be that YOU are the Goddess that the world needs? 

I have created these one-on-one healing sessions because I believe that you and I are the goddesses the world needs to embrace the Divine Feminine more fully. And the job we have is not an easy one.

The Feminine has been hidden, abused, disempowered and silenced for far too long. Many of us have no healthy concepts of feminine power. Many of us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies. Many of us don't even know what we are doing here. Feeling overwhelmed by the intense energies of these transformational times, we end up feeling depressed, lost and inefficient, struggling just to get by. Additionally, we may not know what healthy relationships are anymore, as the old ways of relating are leaving, and the new ones are up to us to build.

This is not how it's meant to be. As we heal, we bring in more light. As we heal, we bring in more of the Goddess. The Divine Feminine will not "rise" "somehow," "eventually," or "when allowed to." It is up to us to usher in the Goddess. It is up to us to rise up.

We will use the chakra system as a roadmap for this healing journey, as we go into deep soul-transformational work in the Akashic Records, clearing the issues that your soul has been working on for lifetimes. 

We will follow the chakra system on this healing journey, going further and further up with each session. Your chakra points are your energy points which are aligned along the centre of your physical body.

However, they also — primarily — exist on the etheric plane — as the center points of your etheric body, and, on a deeper level, act as a bridge between your soul, your personality and your physical body. 

When they are closed or imbalanced, problems occur on all of these levels — mental / thinking / focus problems, emotional problems, and physical problems in the body.

However, when you start to balance the chakras, information and energy is passed more freely between you and your Higher Self and these problems can be healed.

Each chakra has a different focus. For example, your root chakra is at the bottom of your body and acts as a foundation, a balance, and also helps you to draw in energy. Your sacral chakra in you belly is your "manifestation chakra" and helps you to manifest and create your life your way.

Your heart chakra allows you to communicate and love — to give love and to receive it. If there are blockages here, they manifest as problems in your relationships.

Your Third Eye Chakra deals with intuition and higher perception.

Your Crown Chakra, when open, will truly connect you to your Higher Self and Universal Consciousness.

Whole books have been written on chakra theory and their role in our lives. Our goal is not to not delve so much into theory as to acknowledge what massive impact chakras have upon the mind and body. In fact, it is amazing what can be done and achieved, the life you can manifest, the problems you can overcome when you activate your chakras and achieve balance...

Healing in the Akashic Records


We are all spiritual beings and therefore need spiritual healing and spiritual connection, that lifts us beyond what we can experience in the 3D. The wounds of the feminine that we carry from our ancestry are abuse, disempowerment, silencing and over-giving until we are drained and cannot move forward. Additionally, these wounds cause blocks and stuckness that often correspond to our own soul's journey over lifetimes and the issues our soul is trying to heal now. I believe a lot of grace is available to us in these times, and we can heal all those multi-layered strands that have been following us lifetime over lifetime. 


In each session we work with releasing trauma and pain that you carry due to physical or emotional abuse, as well as healing your childhood wounds. I will assist you with your inner child healing through visualizations and soul retrieval. We work with Source energy and, if necessary, inner child rescue. Inner child healing is a process, which we initiate, and you are encouraged to continue on your own. The resulting healing transforms your bonding issues, as you establish a healthier relationship with yourself and others. 


We start from the heaviest energies and go upwards to light up all your energy centers. We focus on soul-level healing and clearing the energies of your soul, your maternal lineage, your own past, and even your soul group, focusing specifically on the wounds of the feminine.

Sessions may include:
- Soul Blueprint activation;
- clearing past lives;
- clearing and releasing of vows and contracts;
- entity removal;
- soul retrieval;
- womb energy activation,
and much, much more.


The main purpose of these healing sessions, and of all of my work, is a deepening relationship with the Spirit, with God and the Universe. This is where our power, our passion and our strength come from. While gender is a reflection of separation, it is also a tool to bring about Union: within ourselves, the world and the Divine. We will connect with the feminine aspect of God, the Shekhina, and the feminine embodiments of the Divine, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Shakti, Mother Mary, and many others. We work with their energies and power, as they guide us into deeper Union, bringing peace between the masculine and the feminine within.
My personal personal background is in the Christian Gnostic and Kabbalistic tradition, and this is where the majority of the high beings that I work with come from :)

Healing the Wounds of the Feminine

Four one-on-one sessions that will will help you transform into the radiant goddess that you are
Session 1

Healing the Wounds 

Healing ancestral lineage, especially the feminine line, healing trauma, and inner child healing. This session is about New Beginnings and renewal of trust in life. We work with the many wounds of separation that stifle our creativity flow and block our power and manifesting. Specifically, we work on fears and trauma associated with survival and the ability to create and receive pleasure. The goal is greater openness, trust, nurturing, sensuality, optimism and connection to Earth.

Session 3

Wisdom, Voice and Clarity

This is the time to activate deeper knowing, and merge more fully with your soul.

We will work on clearing blocks to self expression, the issues of mind and perception, letting in more mental clarity and peace. In this session we will also work on the dance of the masculine and feminine within us, to achieve a more wholesome inner Union. Most importantly, we will work on connecting with your own Soul, or Higher Self, so that you can experience what it's like to be your own guide and goddess.

Session 2

Reclaiming Power - Healing the Heart 

Healing grief, shame, powerlessness, fear of giving, fear of hurting others or failing God. We learn the meaning of soft power, the magnetic gift of the Feminine. In this session, we also work on healing grief and heartache as we connect with some very powerful beings and let them transform our energy. The goal is to shift the concepts of what it means to be a powerful woman, giving and receiving love more fully, shining from the wellspring of the heart. 

Session 4

Radiating Oneness 

In this integrative session, we work with connecting with your intuition more fully, as we balance and activate all the chakras, connecting to the Divine, to your own soul, to the souls of your "tribe", and to your soul mission. In essence, blocks to this connection, to this communion of Oneness is what we have been working on in the previous sessions. We also heal deeper soul-level issues. Now it is time to integrate and experience the flow, the pure love and merging of inner Union. Our goal is a deeper experience of the Divine.

Want to learn more about me and my work?

I prepared a podcast for you where I cover the theoretical aspects of chakra work, as it relates to healing the Divine Feminine within us


Recently, I had the honor to be interviewed by TJ Ryan for his metaphysical podcast. We talked about ascension, spirituality, Divine Feminine, and some aspects of the work that I am doing


I do Akashic Record readings where I cover your soul gifts, mission, and clear vows, contracts and other blocks that stand in your way


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“I found my session to have practical impact and the spiritual release I felt at the end was directly from source. Thank you.”

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
6 twin flame signs

“A much delayed 'thank you' for our session from the week before. I was able to download the file you sent me and listened to it a couple of times since. I'm sincerely grateful for the time you spent with me and the tools you have given me to protect my energy. I've felt much lighter of spirit and more myself. Than you for the peace yoi have given me. Namaste.“

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
6 twin flame signs

"Our connection was very helpful for me as I am now feeling much clearer and more powerful. There was a lot of resonance for me in the information you gave and various synchronicities are already occurring to get me moving on my soul path. They are internal validations - which, of course, lead to external changes - so my energy has now changed to excited anticipation, which is a great way of being in the now. I have also had the opportunity to try out the clearing protocol you sent me and when spoken out loud with a great feeling of love it causes change. I also feel that a form of battle is taking place and that due to my clearing, I am now better able to assist on my own behalf. This is extremely empowering and gives me a great feeling of safety and sovereignty at last. Many thanks for sharing your time and abilities with me."

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Illustration of a planet or star explosion.

"Thank you so much, Inga. On the path we stumble and pride prevents us from seeking the help of those who have trod before and yet we are learning that separateness is the one true sin. Thank you for holding out your hand and raising me up from my knees. Healers need healing and from time to time they need another enlightened soul who has journeyed to the other side of pain and knows the truth of the birthing process of initiation. You are one such midwife. Many thanks and much love."


Is This Program Right for You?

Just like everything else, my program is not for everybody.

Make sure you know what I do, and what I don't do, to get the best results.


  • Women of all ages and walks of life who seek to be Spirit-filled, empowered, radiant and joyful
  • If you have had a particularly difficult childhood, or have a repeating pattern going through your ancestry, especially of women being disempowered
  • If you feel disconnected from the Divine and your intuitive powers
  • If you struggle with substance abuse or addictions
  • If you have had difficulty attracting the right relationships
  • If you struggle with abundance and manifesting
  • If you feel called to work more with the Goddess energy, and would like to connect more fully to the feminine aspect of the Spirit


  • ​This is not a theory course. My goal for this particular program is healing 
  • This session package is intended for women only. While both men and women would benefit from connected to the Divine Feminine, for now, I choose to work with specifically feminine wounding. We can expand later :)
  • If you expect me to replace your doctor or a medical professional, I am not the right match for you. However, I firmly believe that the work I do facilitates your own healing, physical as well as emotional
  • If you struggle with serious mental or physical health issues, connect with me before booking
  • This package is not for you if you are looking for a psychic, someone to predict your future, or fix your life for you. My goal is your empowerment to make your own choices. We shift the energies so that you can create your own path


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