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Five Ways to Cope as an Empath


Many intuitives and empaths struggle with overwhelm and anxiety, as they try to navigate their lives. How do you protect your energy field if you are an empath?

1. Become aware of your gifts

empath awarenessJust like in medicine, correct diagnosis is the first step to success. Becoming aware of your empathic gifts is the first step to successfully dealing with them and turning them into allies.

Let’s take an example. One of the most common, and challenging, types of empathy is emotional empathy. Those who have this gift process other people’s emotions and feelings as if they were their own.

If you don’t know you are an emotional empath, you may have come to believe that you are a very sensitive person, who feels too much, is easily swayed by conflicting moods, and gets overwhelmed being in the presence of many people. You may have been wondering where do all these moods and feelings originate, but have come to conclude that this is just the way you are. What if someone explained to you that you are en emotional empath? Wouldn’t it be very empowering to understand that most of these emotions are not even your own?

Recently, I published an article on GoStica, where I discussed some of the most common types of psychic empathy. I wrote about the empathic gifts that I have come across the most often in my Akashic Record readings with clients. When I do a reading, I always ask if a client is an empath, and if so, what kind. It may be very validating to find out that what we thought was “wrong” with us, is actually an intuitive gift that can be worked with and developed. Rather than drain our energy, psychic empathy will empower us when we become aware of it. We just need to address it and learn to protect our energy field.

2. Learn the tools of energetic protection

relationshipMany intuitives and empaths have naturally very open energy fields and just suck everything in, without consciously being aware of it. This is not very helpful, as it ends in an overwhelm.

One crucial skill to learn is cutting cords from other people or beings who have “plugged into” you energetically. Different people and traditions have different tools for this. Some use visualizations, and see cords in their mind’s eye, which they then cut or root out. You may want to scan your body or your chakras and feel where these cords have been attached, and then visualize yourself cutting them. Some people like to ask angels or high beings, such as archangel Michael, to cut cords and to set some form of protection around them.

You may also want to use some type of visualization or mantra to close your aura and chakras before you set out to do your daily tasks, or go into an environment where you know you will be affected as an empath.

3. Keep Your Energy Field Pure

empath protection

Cutting cords and protecting yourself leads naturally to maintaining the purity of your energy field. For an empath, this is important, as our emotions and feelings can get amplified. When we are out of balance, upset or anxious, we attract even more of the same. Therefore, it’s important to find a way to stay protected and grounded.

Once again, the ways of doing that are highly individual, and you will have to find what works for you. Yoga, meditation, prayer or chanting, walking, making sure you spend enough time alone and with like-minded people — all helps.

4. Find an Environment that Supports You


You may have heard it in one form or another — we create our own environment based on our internal wellbeing. You may have tried to apply the underlying idea that you can make any situation or place work for you as long as you have the right attitude. If you could only make yourself like large crowds or a boring job, or a stressful commute, everything would be all right. However, in my experience, the truth is not that simple.

It is, of course, true that we cannot change some things in our lives, and have to learn to adapt the best we can. However, there is nothing wrong with longing for something better and more in tune with who we are. For a place empath, sometimes all it takes is a move to a different home to start feeling better. You don’t have to suffer through life if where you are is intolerable.

No matter how adept we get at clearing and protecting our energy, some jobs and environments will simply never align with sensitive souls. It’s pointless to try to fool ourselves into thinking we are invincible — we are not. What we hear, what we see, what we read, the people we associate with — influence us on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This is especially true for empaths.

5. Feel the Feelings.


Yes, you are an empath! You were meant to feel, this is who you are

Ultimately, you will have to make many gradual adjustments to start living a life that is more in tune with your gifts and skills. There are no magical one-size-fits-all solutions. Often we are so overwhelmed with impressions or expectations of others, we don’t even know who we are. A retreat or time alone in nature may be a great way to start reconnecting with your soul and finding a more natural flow of feelings and emotions.

The key is to bring more and more of yourself into the world, while adjusting the ways the world influences you. Instead of just shutting everything out and numbing our feelings, we accept ourselves first, and then gradually find a balance where we don’t run away from life.

Inga Nielsen

Inga Nielsen, MPH, is a professional intuitive who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Inga was trained in a variety of healing techniques, including hypnotherapy, inner child work, meridian therapy, breathwork, yogic practices and energy clearing. Inga is a Reiki master, a professional intuitive and a certified hypnotist. She is here to assist people in raising their vibration and living from their soul, as facilitators of their own ascension. Her greatest passion is spirituality and prayer. Inga speaks English, Norwegian and Russian.

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