Are you in need of Guidance, Healing, and help in removing the obstacles to joy, abundance and mission? 

In my healing sessions, I combine soul-level healing and energy work with channeled guidance from the Akashic Records 

An intuitive healing session with me releases stress, anxiety, sadness and anger as we clear your energy and heal the soul-level issues that have come up for you. Every session includes clearing your chakras, balancing the subtle body, removing dark entities and implants, and grounding. We use healing visualizations and receive a lot of help from high beings πŸ™‚ I will also share any intuitive messages that your soul needs to hear.

Each session can take a variety of formats, depending on your current situation and the issues you wish us to work on. If you have any specific questions, let me know in advance, so I can do some research in the Akashic Records. Some sessions are very much like Spirit Guide coaching, where I  share with you the intuitive information I receive from your Spirit Guides. I will often be guided to do different types of energy work, such as energy psychotherapyentity removal, inner child work, or cord cutting. A major part of each session is connecting to the Divine, as it is this connection that helps you stand in your power no matter what, no matter how hard life gets. You will receive clarity, healing, and many tools to use on your own after the session.

Please note that I am not a medical intuitive, and do not provide any health advise. This includes acute mental health issues. I believe in holistic approach to healing, and obviously some areas are outside the scope of my work. If you suffer from a serious condition, please seek out a qualified professional who resonates with you, in addition to energy work. 

A Typical Intuitive Reading Will Include:

aura clearing

Clearing Dark Energies

We all pick up dark energies from our environment, empaths and sensitive souls especially. Sometimes, these are discordant energies of anger or anxiety, sometimes we get literally attacked in more "concentrated efforts," or carry discarnate entities in our field. Clearing those can literally transform your whole being, leading from depression to joy, and even releasing physical pain.

clearing energy

Soul-Level Healing

Some of the blockages to clarity that we are experiencing on the physical or spiritual levels, go back many lifetimes. Traumas, attachments, discordant energies, all obstruct the clarity of our vision. I will help you identify the discordant energies, and, as we work on healing, you will experience greater peace and clarity. In some cases, past-life healing, or even a form of past life regression may be necessary.

Inner Child Healing

The inner child embodies all the unhealed parts of us that come to the surface when we are hurt or triggered in relationships. Our subconscious drives, but also our intuition and psychic abilities, are guided by our inner child. Inner child healing is crucial to stepping back into your power and magnificence! Inner child work is for those who have experienced long-lasting physical, sexual or emotional abuse and neglect.

empath protection


Many advanced souls, some soul groups more than others, struggle with grounding. They naturally tend to have more energy in the upper chakras, which leads to difficulty manifesting any of the thoughts, visions and plans that they have into reality. We work on grounding and filling up with energy in every healing session.

Cord Cutting

Have you gone through a recent relationship breakdown? Are you feeling emotionally drained or burdened by negativity? Cord cutting will help you clear away the past, reclaim your power, and be free to attract more of what you want into your life. It is not a magic pill, however, and it's important that you make new choices after cutting cords

Relationship Healing

All relationships in our life serve a purpose. From the perspective of the soul, it is often the most challenging and even the most devastating ones that are also the most important and have done us the greatest service. I will help you with tools in navigating and healing the challenges. 

A.H. Spain


Inga has the unique ability and profound compassion to guide others along their path to healing. She provided me deep insight into who I am, helped me find my center, and allowed me to better understand the core of my soul. Inga will uplift, provide guidance, and help point out how to achieve your own fullest potential. After speaking with her, others will be inspired to tap into their own higher wisdom and intuitive conscience. Thank you for all that you do for others Inga!
Holly US

Thank you SO MUCH. You have helped me and I'm already feeling stronger in my communication skills. I highly recommend you get a reading from this wonderful soul!


We start with your current situation, and identify the blockages and discordant energies that lie beneath the surface. We are then able to go and heal obstructions and trauma on the soul level β€” for you, for your loved ones, and the souls you are connected to! An important part of these sessions is inner child work. A healed inner child will result in peace, confidence and self-worth that were always your birthright.

Inga Nielsen

I strive to Empower my clients

It is my honor and privilege to share my gifts with you in our intuitive reading sessions. However, it is always you, your own Soul, that facilitates the healing. YOU are your own healer!

empath protection

Standing in your power does not mean that you can control everything, or change everything. I believe attachment to a particular outcome is not only unhealthy, but actually blocks manifesting any positive changes. You can only truly manifest from a place of non-attachment. On the other hand, seeking to know the future often indicates either a desire to control instead of grow and learn, or fear of moving forward. I do not predict your future, simply because we co-create our future daily, based on the myriad of choices that we all make. 

I also believe that we co-create our reality with our soul, with the Universe and with God. So while raising your vibration is taking you forward in your spiritual development, there is no magic wand that will make your life perfect once and for all. We still need to learn our lessons, and sometimes this includes discomfort and problems. What I do is helping remove obstructions and blockages to seeing, to becoming more light-filled and present for ourselves and others, and ultimately, to manifest a better reality for everyone. 


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