Relationship Readings in the Akashic Records

Inga Nielsen

Relationship Readings in the Akashic Records

What is the purpose of this relationship in my life?

Do you think you have found your Twin Flame or soulmate? Are your family relationships extremely challenging? Are you being triggered in your business relationships?

In my relationship readings, I use the challenges that you experience and the information in your Akashic Records as a map for your healing journey. Often, what seems an unsolvable problem or a very painful issue that the relationship is causing is actually something that our soul has been trying to heal for multiple lifetimes. We just need to identify and heal the causes of our pain.

When the underlying ancestral and soul-level issues have been healed, you will be able to see your relationship from a different perspective. While we can't manipulate the feelings or thoughts of others, we can certainly heal our own reactions and pain. One important aspect is that challenges will feel less like something being done to you. You will be able to regain your position of power and see yourself as a co-creator of your life rather than a powerless victim.

From the perspective of the Akashic Records, we all make soul contracts with the most important people in our lives before incarnation. We will meet them on Earth as friends, family and close soul connections — but they can also cross our path as enemies and those who have wronged or hurt us in a particularly painful way.

In retrospect, we will see that this pain has been a catalyst for change and growth that would not have occurred otherwise. It has also pushed our soul to learn and purify and to become more whole.

Inga Nielsen

Included in a Reading:

  • ​The type of soul connection that you have (such as twin flame or catalyst) and what this means in practice
  • The main lessons you are learning from this relationship
  • Your soul group of origination and your primary chakra, and what this means for both of you
  • You past life history and how it influences your relationship
  • Healing the major blocks to positive expression and discordant energies between you
  • Clearing of dark energies, karma and ancestral templates that may obstruct clarity and stand in the way of truly being in your power
  • Healing past life vows and decisions that obstruct your abundance now

​I use my intuitive gifts to access the soul-level issues behind real-life situations, and to offer you advise on what life lessons you may be learning. 

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

I believe soul mates​ are essentially all souls that we make soul contracts with.

Typically, we will incarnate over and over again with the same souls, often in various roles, working through our karma and moving to a higher awareness. Of course, these can also be our romantic partners, with whom we establish a deep bond of love, trust, and mutual giving. Soul mates are your soul family, your tribe, your teachers and fellow students over and over again.

When it comes to Twin Flames, the primary purpose of the connection is a journey of initiation. This is, realistically, the most difficult — and rewarding — relationship that exists on the planet at the moment.

The primary purpose of Twin Flames incarnating on this planet is to serve the humanity. Unlike soulmates, Twin Flames are not first and foremost about any form of a relationship, but about service. All else is secondary. From our earthly perspective, this makes Twin Flame relationships exceptionally challenging.

I will tell you if the Akashic Records say that you may indeed be Twin Flames. At the same time, only your soul knows the true answer, and I will not take power away from you in any way, shape or form. I will be honored to share with you the tools to transformation and healing of a Twin Flame connection, and give you the clear picture from the Akashic Records of what your mission may be for this lifetime.

Get answers from the Akashic Records about significant relationships in your life! We work with information from the Akashic Records to identify the type of the soul connection that you have, healing soul-level issues, identifying main discordant energies, healing past lives, balancing your energy and spiritual protection.

Inga Nielsen

Inga, thank you so much! I had a great session, left with great insights and a great overall experience. Looking forward for more healing sessions soon

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