Healing through the Akashic Records

Inga Nielsen

Healing through the Akashic Records

Soul profile - relationship readings - activating Divine Soul Blueprint

Welcome to Healing Radiance, the page for soul-level healing in the Akashic Records! In my work, I aim to help fellow spiritual seekers connect with their Soul and with the Divine more fully, in order to move forward on their mission, find answers, heal trauma, and to live fulfilled, happy and abundant lives that are aligned with their soul purpose.

What are the Akashic Records and how can a session with me be practically useful to you?

 My primary interests, and the main areas I work in, are clearing in the Akashic Records, working with the Divine Feminine, clearing past life karma, and using deep soul connections as a mirror to help us heal. I work with healing blocks, obstructions and soul contracts, energy and property clearing, removing entities, healing past lives, restoring the soul's energetic integrity, and connecting with Spirit Guides and High beings. While working in the Akashic Records may seem quite esoteric, I always keep a practical approach and focus on action and choices that can be made in the now.

I also work with deep soul connections and their mission in these times. My approach is focusing less on the labels (twin flames, soulmates or karmic connections), but rather identifying the role of each encounter in your life, and how it brings you closer to realizing your Divinity as a soul. Yes, this sometimes involves a lot of healing work!

I am here to:

  • Connect you with your soul through the Akashic Records, and help you​ answer the questions about your soul, mission, and purpose;
  • Assist with healing past lives and soul-level trauma, release soul contracts that no longer serve you, and clear obstructions on your path;
  • Help you connect with your I AM presence, the Spirit and your guides, so that you can be a joyful, radiant being, living your life from the soul, as you become less and less dependent on outer circumstances — whatever they may be.

Working with fellow spiritual seekers and helping them connect to their I AM presence is a great privilege. I am honored and thrilled to share my experience and knowledge with you, and to learn from your own journeys of awakening. 

In May 2011, while volunteering in the Middle East, I had a spiritual awakening. At the time, I was seeking a closer union with God, and also with the Holy Land to which I felt drawn to, but I certainly did not expect the direction my life was about to take. 

I embarked on a long, painful journey of healing, of finding my authentic voice, my true self, and my own soul. I had to face my own deepest wounds, my fear of rejection, I had to embrace the deepest darkest corners of my soul in order to integrate them all and bring them into the light. This journey made me re-evaluate my beliefs and traditions, while letting go of everything that no longer served me, including everything I thought was secure and stable in my life.

I only work with what I have experienced and learned myself, so that my assistance to you can be as practical and authentic as possible.

Inga Nielsen

I will (typically) not predict your future or tell you what you should be doing with your life. Neither will your Guides or your Higher Self — although sometimes it is quite obvious when we are on a crash course with the Universe, or what the next step of the journey will be. 

Rather than predicting a future, or clinging to the past, I am more​ interested in the soul-level issues that got us where we are now, and in removing the obstacles to standing in our true power

​I use my intuitive gifts to access real-life situations, and to offer you advise and healing through whatever life lessons you may be learning. 

I recommend an Akashic Record reading for all my first-time clients. This is a spiritual activation that enables you to see yourself from the perspective of the soul. However, this is not an absolute requirement. If you feel you need healing more than anything else, I offer intuitive healing and guidance sessions, where we work on balancing and clearing the energy from past lives, ancestry, or current issues. If you are ready to delve deeper into healing, clearing energies in your field and realigning your soul blueprint, I offer a discounted package of 4 healing sessions.

In my sessions, I focus on:

  • clearing the obstructions to connecting with the Spirit, our own soul, and others around us, including those we have soul contracts with
  • bringing in greater clarity and peace
  • restoring the healthy energy flow in our bodies and our auras, which in turn leads to inner transformation through greater clarity and enhanced intuition
  • bringing in more power to help overcome addictions, depression, anxiety and unproductive patterns in life
  • clearing soul-level issues, such as karma or past life vows, and integrating the soul more fully into our bodies
  • working with the chakras for grounding, healing and manifesting

I am deeply honored to help you live from your soul and to share the tools that will assist you on your path and mission!

Inga Nielsen

My Services:

Akashic Record Readings

You soul blueprint, soul purpose, main gifts and challenges, as well as clearing of vows, contracts, dark energies, and activation at the soul level.

Twin Flames

Relationship Readings

Strong soul connections and karmic relationships often serve as a spiritual activation for us. We will do healing work, discuss the main life lessons you are learning in this relationship and the ways in which your soul history influences its challenges. 

Intuitive Healing and Guidance

Ready to delve deeper into healing? Inner child healing, energy work, and soul-level healing in the Akashic records. Deep soul healing affects the world around you in ripples, and heals the lives of those connected to you. 

Inga has the unique ability and profound compassion to guide others along their path to healing. She provided me deep insight into who I am, helped me find my center, and allowed me to better understand the core of my soul. Inga will uplift, provide guidance, and help point out how to achieve your own fullest potential. After speaking with her, others will be inspired to tap into their own higher wisdom and intuitive conscience. Thank you for all that you do for others, Inga!

Akashic Record Reading

Very informative session, taught me more about myself, on another level, refreshing, exciting, work continues, but gave me extra tools to work on myself with optimism. All in all, it was a very different experience , that I enjoyed, thanks.

Akashic Record Reading

I had my first akashic reading with Inga and was more than satisfied. Inga was kind, explained well, and gave me answers that explained my current life to me and also cleared my negative energy and helped me balance. I feel so much more filled with understanding today, one day later, and recommend Inga with all my heart. You will not be sorry. I will be calling on this gifted lady again. Thank you, Inga. I am so happy I chose you to do this reading. It changed me.

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