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Akashic Record Readings
soul path clearing — divine blueprint activation

Am I a starseed? Why did I incarnate? What is my mission on Earth? What is blocking me from my true abundance? An Akashic Record Reading and soul path clearing will help you answer these questions and clear the blocks to clarity and mission.

What are the Akashic Records? In simplified terms — an energetic library of the universe, where the story of your own soul, and the stories of all other souls that have ever lived, is stored. The Akashic Records is a sacred space, where we meet the Divine, our Guides, and our Higher Selves.

I have been trained and certified to work in the Akashic Records on behalf of others. When booking a session, you give me permission to access your Record for you. In our first session together, I begin with presenting your soul profile, giving you some relevant information about your gifts, challenges and mission here on Earth. 

In the second half of the session, we focus on clearing the major blocks and obstructions, such as contracts or vows that no longer serve you, or soul-level patterns that keep reappearing lifetime after lifetime. We also cleanse your aura and energy field, clear negative entities, implants, and other spiritual interference.

In this way, every session is a powerful activation on your spiritual path, as it clears the way for you to make new choices, more in alignment with who you are as a soul. An Akashic Record reading and healing will also change your manifesting patterns and connect you more fully with your soul group and mission. 

An Akashic Record reading and healing is NOT a psychic reading

Psychics usually connect with a person's energy field, especially the mental and emotional layers of the energy body, as well as the astral planes. Some spirit guides, our deceased relatives and loved ones, and even some of the souls we will connect with in the future, such as children, are found in the astral planes.

The Akashic Records are different in the sense that they allow us to access the Divine, which also includes your soul, or Higher Self. Therefore, the primary purpose of an Akashic Record reading is going straight to the Source and looking into who you are as a soul. During our session, we will be in this Divine energy field, connected to the Source of all-that-is and receiving guidance from there. In my experience, this goes deeper that a psychic reading, and answers different sets of questions.

I do not predict your future, tell you what to do, or answer disempowering questions. My goal is to empower you to create your own future, rather than make limiting predictions or statements that block your spiritual growth. Each session is intended to be an activation of a higher level of being, helping you connect with your own inner guidance. 

What will you get out of your first Akashic Record reading?

aura clearing

Mission and Gifts

The energy centers that you choose to work with, your experiences as a "pure" soul in between incarnations and the major life lessons you chose to learn in this lifetime — all contribute to define your mission and why your soul chose to incarnate in your specific circumstances (country, family, ancestry, and so on).

Major Challenges

Your particular soul signature, and a combination of past life choices, ancestral energies, and of course the choices you made for this lifetime show in which areas you tend to struggle the most, especially with regard to spirituality, mission and abundance. The good news is that where your major challenges are — you will also find your greatest gifts!

clearing energy

Your Soul Group of Origination

Are you a starseed? What is your particular soul signature? It would be highly unlikely for you to be drawn to this reading and not be a starseed! 🙂 Your soul group is your energetic blueprint, and really is all about your purpose of first incarnation (individuation) and the frequencies that you bring into the world. 

Past life and Soul History

It is important to understand the root cause of present issues and persisting negative patterns. When they originate in past lives, due to vows, contracts, or particularly traumatic events, the reading will help you both understand and shift the energy of what no longer serves you. Please note that we only discuss past lives if it is relevant for your healing. 


Soul Path Clearing

In every first session we do multi-dimensional soul-level clearing in order to restore your soul to its original Divine blueprint:

  • clearing your aura
  • clearing karma (yes, this is possible in specific circumstances!)
  • resolving past life vows and contracts
  • clearing implants, negative thought forms and removing dark entities
  • clearing negative beliefs and illusions at the soul level
  • If you feel called to have further sessions with me, we continue this soul healing work, which includes restoring your DNA, healing ancestral trauma, grounding, setting up solid energetic protection and much more!

Practical Suggestions, Visualizations, and Tools For the Future

It's important to know that my sessions are focused on healing and clearing, rather than "reading". While it may be tempting to know what someone else is thinking, whether your book will be published or house sold, such information is typically outside the scope of my work. Instead, we use practical healing tools that will also help you in the future. 

Of course, if I am guided to share any information about your future path, I will do so. This sometimes happens if you are on a "collision course" with the universe, and need to adjust your beliefs and behavior, or if you are in need of additional guidance and direction. In most cases, however, there is simply no future prediction because you are working on your future NOW. It is what you make it to be. 

Please note that I am not a medical intuitive, and do not provide any health advise, or offer healing of any physical health issues. My sessions are not a substitute for working with a medical, or a mental health professional. However, energy work is very helpful in a holistic healing process. In addition, we can often find spiritual causes of current health issues.

Future Sessions

It is unrealistic to expect to be "fixed" in one session (and anyway, I don't "fix" you, I am just a facilitator for you "fixing" yourself!). Just like every spiritual endeavor, learning to live from the soul requires discipline and practice, and we all sometimes (or often) get stuck and need help on our journey, as we release the old and open up more and more to our own power. 

After an Akashic Record reading and healing, you will have learned the core information about your soul and cleared the Record so that you can make new and more empowered choices. In later sessions, we can go deeper and focus on more specific issues. Often these are grounding, energetic protection, inner child healing and healing the ancestral wounds. In my healing sessions, I prefer to work with high beings and archangels for clearing the energy, and I also channel any advise I receive from your Spirit Guides regarding your particular situation. 

Book an Akashic Record Reading

Who am I as a soul? Where do I come from? What have I come here to do? What is my mission and purpose for this lifetime? Which are my strongest gifts and how do I put them to use? An Akashic Record Reading is a spiritual activation that helps you answer these questions, and see yourself from the perspective of the soul. I recommend an Akashic Record Reading to all my first-time clients.

Inga Nielsen

What My Clients Are Saying:

Lisa K. US

Inga very quickly was able to home in on the blockages that I had been carrying and intuitively knew where I needed healing. By the end of our conversation I realized that I felt more clear, awake and focused than I have in many years. I opted for a recording of our session, which I have just received, and am looking forward to listening to again and meditating on. We covered so much ground that I am sure I will continue to clear and heal with each listen. I highly recommend Inga to anyone who is feeling stuck or unsure of how to pursue their life path. I feel like I have been carrying a ton of baggage strapped onto me which has been slowing my ascent and even making me feel stuck at times. Inga untied the ropes which allowed me to unload and leave them behind. Thank You Inga.


I wasn't sure what to expect in having this. I had done many years of meditation and spiritual work, but I guess needed confirmation (and a shove to continue). She told me things that I had experienced in my meditations and had been told my by spiritual guide that no one knew about.
It helped to put things into perspective and realize that I was on the right track and to not give up. Also removed several vows I had taken in another lifetime and cleared a lot of old stuff out.
I have already recommended her to many friends/family.


Inga has the unique ability and profound compassion to guide others along their path to healing. She provided me deep insight into who I am, helped me find my center, and allowed me to better understand the core of my soul. Inga will uplift, provide guidance, and help point out how to achieve your own fullest potential. After speaking with her, others will be inspired to tap into their own higher wisdom and intuitive conscience. Thank you for all that you do for others Inga!


I had my first akashic reading with Inga and was more than satisfied. Inga was kind, explained well, and gave me answers that explained my current life to me and also cleared my negative energy and helped me balance. I feel so much more filled with understanding today, one day later, and recommend Inga with all my heart. You will not be sorry. I will be calling on this gifted lady again. Thank you, Inga. I am so happy I chose you to do this reading. It changed me.