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How Do I Know if We are Twin Flames?

How Do I Know We Are Twin Flames

When someone asks me “Do you think we could be twin flames?”, I fight the urge to say “I hope not,” and try to understand what makes the person ask this question. Why do need to know if this is the other half of our soul? Is this neediness? Does the question come from the desire for romantic love? The pressure to date and to find “the one”? Longing for peace and communion? Having been told about twin flames?Trying to understand what on earth is going on in a very strange relationship? All of the above?

The twin flame journey is a heart-wrenching, life-altering, soul-shattering ride that will strip us of everything that is not US in a deeper sense. I have had to let go of my religious conditioning, my family life, my job, my financial security, my plans for the future, some of my possessions and even a couple of countries where I was hoping to live. But the hardest part was letting go of the ideals and the deeply ingrained programming of what love was supposed to be.

So how do you know if you may be experiencing the twin flame connection?

1. You didn’t ask for it

I know, right! With all the people wondering “when will I meet my Twin Flame?”, how could I write anything so preposterous?

But the truth is, the connection most often bumps into us seemingly out of the blue, when we have our families and plans and jobs to think about. There may have been some dissatisfaction, a longing for a path of greater service, a feeling that life is about to take a new turn, or a premonition that something cosmic is about to happen – but on many levels meeting our twin flame catches us unprepared.

And not just unprepared. Very soon, the meticulous destruction of the old begins. The old ways just don’t seem to work anymore. I remember the first Sunday I want to church after I met my twin, and I realized that I wasn’t sorry. I just couldn’t confess what I would have normally confessed, as a very devout Catholic – because I wasn’t sorry. And that terrified me. Because with this honesty, with this awakening, also came the realization that I didn’t know what my religion was anymore, what I was anymore.

2. Twin Flames and Spiritual AwakeningTwin Flames

The spiritual awakening that follows the meeting of twin flames is, in my view, the most important characteristic of this connection. This is the question to ask: Did I have an awakening? Did I begin to live more fully from my soul?

This connection brings in so much light, that all the darkness within us reacts, sometimes quite violently, and many twin flames start acting out or running away almost immediately after meeting each other. This was certainly true in my case. When I say spiritual awakening, I don’t necessarily mean that the twins suddenly become enlightened and holy. This would have been ideal, but very often quite the opposite is the case – at least, initially.

The twins act out, run away, and are forced to deal with darkness in themselves they thought they have already dealt with and buried. Everything must come to light in this journey of purification. The only way to deal with this darkness is to accept it and go through it. But gradually, as more and more light comes in and as the old templates get burned away – the true awakening begins.

3. Twin Flames and the Meaning of Love


Twin flames have, indeed, come to witness to the world about love. But it is seldom a romantic fairy-tale. Very often, twins are born into very different, sometimes directly opposing, cultures, highly dysfunctional families, societies where the concepts of love are very far from the divine ideal.

Part of the twin flame gig is, of course, to help transform these templates by incarnating in those challenging circumstances. But as humans we forget. We forget where we came from, we forget what our souls are. The meeting of twin flames is a spiritual activation to start remembering – and part of the reason why this journey is so painful is that awakening requires the shedding and transformation of all the old paradigms. The paradigms and beliefs that have become an integral part of who we are and how we live. And, not surprisingly, how we love.

In its fully awakened state, twin flame love is the highest expression of Divine love, the union between the masculine and feminine within ourselves, outside of ourselves, and with the Divine. But this is a goal rather than the beginning for most of us. And while the ideal is high, and the rewards are many – we also have to remember that we are humans struggling to figure out the messy, difficult human love, as we bring more and more of the Divine into it.

To your Union!

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Inga Nielsen

Inga Nielsen, MPH, is a professional intuitive who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Inga was trained in a variety of healing techniques, including hypnotherapy, inner child work, meridian therapy, breathwork, yogic practices and energy clearing. Inga is a Reiki master, a professional intuitive and a certified hypnotist. She is here to assist people in raising their vibration and living from their soul, as facilitators of their own ascension. Her greatest passion is spirituality and prayer. Inga speaks English, Norwegian and Russian.

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