Wisdom from the Akashic Records

Why am I here? What is my soul purpose? Who am I? These are some of the most important questions we can ask ourselves, and yet our education and upbringing often taught us to avoid them. But these questions keep coming back, and we don't want to feel we have wasted our lives doing things that ultimately don't matter. We want to find our soul purpose. Finding our who we are as a soul means living in harmony with ourselves.

Akashic Record Readings

​Learn who you are as a soul. Your primary soul blueprint, energy center of training, influential past lives, life lessons, intuitive gifts, soul purpose and challenges.

Twin Flames

Relationship Readings

The main life lessons you are learning in this relationship and the ways in which your soul blueprint influences its flow and challenges.

Spirit Guide Readings

A very detailed profile of your spirit guides, how they communicate, and the energies they are bringing. If you want to learn to connect with your guiding team, this reading is for you.


Past Life Regression

Past life regression using light interactive hypnosis. A safe and tested way to connect with the subconscious. Typically, we combine this modality with inner child work.

Learn to Develop Your Intuition

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From the perspective of the Akashic Records, we are all eternal souls. We have lived many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere. We have served as pure souls in the capacity of guides or teachers. Before our incarnation, we chose specific circumstances to be born into, in order to learn the lessons that we wanted to learn in this lifetime, or to help clear and transform some forms of darkness.

This doesn't mean we are called to be martyrs for some cause that we don't even remember. The Earth is not just a school of hard knocks — it is also a playground. We learn — but we are also here to live, love and shine our magnificence. We are not here to get stuck in the metaphor of ungrounded spirituality — we are here to be human, and to bring light down into the deepest layers of subconscious.

The Akashic Records contain an energetic library of our soul's history. From the level of the soul, we can answer the persistent "Who am I?" by looking into our soul's blueprint, the primary energy center that you chose to emphasize in this lifetime, and the main life lessons that you have come to learn. We can then begin to visualize the goal and the mission that we have for this lifetime.

Learning who you are as a soul is a deeply empowering experience. It is also a constant process. While a soul profile reading is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, uncovering and healing the layers of pain, personal or ancestral trauma, false conditioning and projection, which all obstruct our clarity, is an ongoing, daily work.

I offer Akashic Record readings, intuitive readings in the areas of relationships and career, very detailed spirit guide readings, as well as past life regression and inner child work.

I am deeply honored to help you live from your soul and to share the tools that will assist you on your path and mission!

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