Answers from the Akashic Records

What is my soul purpose? Why am here? Until we can witness life from the perspective of the soul, none of us can be in complete truth.

I offer Akashic Record Readings, intuitive healing on the soul level, spiritual guidance, soul level healing, cord cutting, inner child healing and past life regressions

Akashic Record Readings

​The core of many of the issues we are struggling to resolve often lies deeper than the personality and ancestry — it starts at the soul level. I will read your soul blueprint, energy center of training, influential past lives, life lessons, intuitive gifts, soul purpose and challenges.

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Relationship Readings

Strong soul connections and karmic relationships often serve as a spiritual activation for us. We will do healing work, discuss the main life lessons you are learning in this relationship and the ways in which your soul history influences its dance and challenges. 

Intuitive Healing and Guidance

A spiritual counseling and intuitive guidance session, where I also do inner child healing and energy work — reiki, cord cutting, and soul-level healing. Deep soul healing affects the world around you in ripples, and often heals the lives of those around you, as well. 


Past Life Regression

Past life regression using light interactive hypnosis. A safe and tested way to connect with the subconscious. Typically, we combine this modality with inner child work.

Inga has the unique ability and profound compassion to guide others along their path to healing. She provided me deep insight into who I am, helped me find my center, and allowed me to better understand the core of my soul. Inga will uplift, provide guidance, and help point out how to achieve your own fullest potential. After speaking with her, others will be inspired to tap into their own higher wisdom and intuitive conscience. Thank you for all that you do for others, Inga!

Akashic Record Reading

From the perspective of the Akashic Records, we are all eternal souls. We have lived many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere. We have served as pure souls in the capacity of guides or teachers. Before our incarnation, we chose specific circumstances to be born into, in order to learn the lessons that we wanted to learn in this lifetime, or to help clear and transform some forms of darkness.

Through our work in the Akashic Records, I can help you see your soul purpose and gifts more clearly. We can also look at the core issues behind specific difficulties and issues that you are struggling with. Our relationships and life paths are often reflecting onto us our deepest wounds and fears — some come from this life, and some from our past incarnations. Therefore, in addition to working in the Akashic Records, I often find that healing the inner child, and resolving past life vows and trauma is extremely helpful in helping my clients manifest their dreams from the place of  clarity.

Learning who you are as a soul is a deeply empowering experience. We learn to speak the language of the universe. We understand the core issues that are underneath our present challenges. But in order to see and understand what the universe is communicating to us, in order to arise and serve, to awake and be our fullest, we need to heal and fill up with light. And this is a constant process — clearing out and filling up. 

I offer Akashic Record readings, intuitive healing and spiritual guidance in the areas of relationships, career, and decision making, inner child work and past life regression. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

I am deeply honored to help you live from your soul and to share the tools that will assist you on your path and mission!

Inga Nielsen

Intuitive Healing & Guidance

Intuitive Healing & Guidance

Soul Gifts and Purpose

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