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Are There Questions the Akashic Records Cannot Answer?


When we first connect to the Akashic Records, and discover this amazing storehouse of information about the world and ourselves —  it can feel both empowering and overwhelming as we are tempted to learn about everything and everyone at once. But can the Records really answer all of our questions?

In principle, yes. In practice, this depends on our own vibrational alignment.

While it is true that the Akashic Records is a high-vibrational “library” that exists outside the boundaries of time and space, we, the ones who access them, still do have time and space to deal with. To understand how the reading works and what type of information we can access, we first need to understand what the Akashic Records are.

I think it is useful to think of the Records as a library, without taking the metaphor too literally.

Just like any library, the Records need a method to access the information and to receive answers that are relevant and practically useful. Just like any library, the Records contain knowledge that we don’t understand, or need.

If I wanted to read a book on astrophysics or quantum mechanics, thinking that as long as I am able to read, surely I would learn something new and be able to put it into practice — I wouldn’t have gone far. I would really need to have studied these subjects to understand the information in the books. In the Akashic Records, too, we only receive the information that we can process and understand at our current level of development.

As someone who does readings and healing in the records, I do get questions that I cannot answer. Sometimes the reason is revealed to me, sometimes it is not.

In most cases, such unproductive questions relate to future events, which are in the process of being created in the now. Learning about the future may discourage the seeker from taking the most spiritually productive course of action, or interfere with a lesson the soul has contracted to learn. Sometimes, it is more productive to do healing work that would shift the perspective.

There is a reason why predicting the future is discouraged in most spiritual traditions. While there are productive ways of future predictions, such as prophetic visions or revelations, we need to remember that the purpose of these predictions has always been to give an opportunity for changing the present course of action in order to avoid a negative future outcome. In other words, predictions about the future were made so that the future could be changed. This is very different from predictions that take our power away.

No one and nothing can take your power of co-creation away! We create our future by the choices we make in the now. Sometimes we do it as a collective, as we don’t exist in a vacuum, sometimes the responsibility is more individual, but nothing is set in stone.

Of course, some future trajectories are obvious. If you mess with the universal laws, you will be in trouble. If you neglect action, you will not achieve anything. Sometimes a situation is not what it seems to us, and we are guided to see that what we or someone else is doing is unfruitful and will not lead to a desired result. If we are completely detached from the outcome and are aligned with our Soul, we tend to get more detailed guidance about the future.

What serves us best is cultivating trust rather than reliance on predictions.

I have encountered many unproductive questions in a reading. These include, When will I meet my soulmate/twin flame/husband/get pregnant, etc.? Do I have a twin flame somewhere out there? When will we connect again? Do you think I should pursue this relationship? What are my chances with this man/woman? and the like.

While I do not discount the validity of these questions, and have myself asked them when I was desperate for guidance, the issue is not the questions themselves. The issue is the underlying motive of the seeker.

An Akashic Record reading is not a psychic reading. It is first and foremost a spiritual activation. Your soul growth is not served by knowing whether or not you have a twin flame. It is, however, served by understanding that you are lonely and seek fulfillment outside of yourself (and the Divine). And as long as you do that, you will never connect with your twin flame, whether you have them or not.

Of course, some situations require more nuanced guidance, and many seemingly unproductive questions do have validity in context. As one of my friends says, the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask.

There are no stupid questions in the Records, but what we need to be aware of is that we are approaching a higher-dimensional space where everything is seen from a different perspective. Some of our concerns are completely turned around and we are guided to new levels of understanding and being. Yes, on the spiritual path, at times, instead of answers we get even more questions. But the Akashic Records do not dispense the information indiscriminately. We have to grow into them, not they into us.

Inga Nielsen

Inga Nielsen, MPH, is a professional intuitive who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Inga was trained in a variety of healing techniques, including hypnotherapy, inner child work, meridian therapy, breathwork, yogic practices and energy clearing. Inga is a Reiki master, a professional intuitive and a certified hypnotist. She is here to assist people in raising their vibration and living from their soul, as facilitators of their own ascension. Her greatest passion is spirituality and prayer. Inga speaks English, Norwegian and Russian.

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